Estate and Gift Tax Update for 2023

A new year, new estate tax exemptions! While not everyone gets super excited talking about estate taxes (or better yet – how to protect against estate taxes), we certainly do! Effectively navigating estate and gift tax rules is an essential compone… Read More
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How a Traffic Ticket Can…

How a Traffic Ticket Can Impact Your Estate

Getting a traffic ticket is never fun, but usually the irritation of it is relatively short-lived if it is taken care of promptly. If you have recently received a ticket, you may have the following questions about it. What does it mean? When you rece… Read More
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Brick background with Beneficiary in block letters

Estate Planning: Beneficiary Designations

If you have life insurance, a 401(k), or a bank account, you have almost certainly already completed beneficiary designations. If something happens to you those designations will control how the account or other asset is distributed upon your death e… Read More
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