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Estate Planning Issues for the Modern Family

As the name suggests, ABC’s TV show Modern Family depicts the relationships and experiences between a fictional extended family. Throughout the course of the series, the show addresses many issues that families deal with each day. For a close-knit… Read More
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Obtaining court records online just became a lot easier

The Minnesota Judicial Branch just launched Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO), an online platform for publicly and freely accessing district court records. This is part of a years-long project of the Minnesota judicial system to provide greater o… Read More
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Guardianship and Conservatorship for Incapacitated or Incompetent Adults: Considering the Least-Rest

In our earlier post on guardianship and conservatorship for minor children, we discussed how to go about nominating a guardian and conservator for your children. But what happens when disability, incapacity, or incompetence renders an adult incapable… Read More
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