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Agriculture & Farm La…

The attorneys at Wagner Oehler, Ltd. understand the business of today's farmers. With production agriculture becoming more and more complex, today's farmers face many challenges. Producers are best equipped to manage these challenges with the professional advice and guidance of an experienced farm lawyer. Our attorneys work with family farms, dairy operations, swine integrators, and seed and implement dealers every day. We also collaborate with other trusted farm advisors to ensure you achieve your objectives.

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Farm Law Essentials

We know that farms are part of the heritage of families and communities throughout Southern Minnesota. Established over 50 years ago, Wagner Oehler, Ltd. has the unique experience of working with multiple generations of farmers in protecting their heritage through estate planning, succession planning, real estate transactions, and contracts.

Succession Planning

For farmers in Southeastern Minnesota, the family farm is more than just the land and business - it is a way of life. Planning for the next generation is often a top priority for farmers. There are a number of strategies farmers can use to pass the farm down to the next generation including family limited partnerships and other limited liability entities, trusts, and lifetime gifting. Our attorneys are experienced in farm entities, trusts, and other methods for creating the right succession plan for you. We also work with retiring farms without successors to create a plan to allow them to exit farming with dignity while minimizing the tax impact.

Dairy & Swine

Modern dairy owners and swine integrators must make complex decisions on a daily basis, usually involving significant financial risk. An experienced farm attorney can help with land leases, limited liability entities, operating agreements, employment issues, succession planning, grower and producer contracts, and minimizing risk so that you can stay focused on managing the day-to-day business of farming. We work alongside accountants, financial planners, and other farm advisors on a regular basis. Our attorneys can be a key partner in your farm operation.

Land Sales

Whether you are buying or selling farm land, you should ensure you are prepared for the various issues and have attentive legal counsel. If you are purchasing land, you should safeguard your investment by having an attorney examine title for you. Sellers of farm land need to be sure everything is ready to go at closing. We regularly work with farmers and lenders in farm real estate transactions to provide title insurance, closing services, title work, and disbursements. When it's time to get the deal done, work with a law office you know you can count on.

Where to Start

When you are ready to speak to an attorney, call our Rochester office at 507-288-5567 or our Winona office at 507-615-0253. We look forward to working with you!