Nonprofit Law

Nonprofit Law

New nonproft organizations must navigate both state incorporation and the federal tax-exemption process. The formation stage is also a good time to plan for the future by establishing governance policies that will guide the organization as it carries out its mission. Existing nonprofits not only must continue to meet its federal-exemption requirements, but they also must meet all the other challenges of running a thriving organization. This includes employment matters, contracts, risk-management, and disputes.

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Nonprofit Law Essentials

We assist nonprofit organizations as they maneuver the state and federal laws and federal tax-exemption process and advise nonprofits on the other facets of operating the venture effectively. Our attorneys also regularly serve on nonprofit boards of directors.

501(c)(3) Application

When starting a new nonprofit organization, filing for 501(c)(3) or some other exemption status is often an immediate goal. The application must include information about the organization, a narrative statement of its activities, and a projected budget. Choosing the correct application process and properly completing the application is essential for starting the nonprofit on the right foot. Our attorneys are motivated to make the formation and tax-exemption process uncomplicated and cost effective.

Nonprofit Operations

While many nonprofits may only seek the advice of an attorney during the initial stages, thriving and growing nonprofits must also have counsel for the operational activities of the organization. Like a business, nonprofits must effectively confront employment matters, contracts, risk-management, and disputes. Additionally, a nonprofit must be sure its internal practices adhere to its governing documents. Our skilled legal counsel can help make these obstacles manageable so that the organization can focus on carrying out its mission.

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