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Becky Henry

Becky Henry is a Closing Coordinator at Wagner Oehler, Ltd. Becky is the friendly person working with attorneys and clients to ensure properties have clear title and real estate transactions run smoothly.

Becky graduated from St. Charles High School. Becky has 20 years of experience performing substantive legal work alongside attorneys. She provides invaluable assistance with real estate purchases, sales, exchanges, and financing.

Becky loves to spend time with her three sons and grandson. During the summer, she can be found on the side by side, fishing, at the camper or boating on the Mississippi River. She loves playing card games and traveling a few times a year, often to warmer climates!

Becky grew up on a farm outside of St. Charles with five sisters and one brother. She raised sheep with her mom and helped her parents in the spring and fall for planting and harvesting. One of her favorite smells to this day is corn being dried in the fall!