Special Needs Trust with…

Special Needs Trust with Attorney Margaret M. Cook

Special Needs Trust with… Attorney Margaret M. Cook of Wagner Oehler, Ltd. explains the benefits of a having a Special Needs Trust for children or grandchildren.
Attorney Alec S. Osland o…

Attorney Alec S. Osland of Wagner Oehler, Ltd. explains For Sale By Owner

Attorney Alec S. Osland o… Attorney Alec S. Osland explains For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is a real estate sale without the help of a realtor. Wagner Oehler, Ltd. will draft the Purchase Agreement, perform a title examination, assist with the closing and signing of the documents, disburse funds to the seller, and record documents to convey the property to the buyer.
The Scary Truths About Es…

The Scary Truths About Estate Planning

The Scary Truths About Es… With Halloween approaching, Attorney Jennifer A. Gumbel talks about 𝙨𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙮 truths about estate planning. Estate planning is a strategy to minimize the legal issues upon death.
Talking to Family About E…

Talking to Family About Estate Planning During the Holidays

Talking to Family About E… Attorney Jennifer A. Gumbel of Wagner Oehler, Ltd. provides the Do’s and Don’ts of talking to your family about estate planning while you gather for the holidays.
Wagner Oehler, Ltd. Firm…

Wagner Oehler, Ltd. Firm History

Wagner Oehler, Ltd. Firm… Since our founding in 1973, we have provided exceptional legal advice. The professionals at Wagner Oehler have many years of experience in estate planning, probate, agricultural and business law, and real estate. We take great pride in meeting the legal needs of our rural and small town clients as well as our clients in Rochester, Red Wing, St. Charles, and surrounding communities.
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Sometimes we tend to think only the ultra-rich need an estate plan. However, everyone already has an estate plan! Even if you don’t have a will, your assets will eventually pass to your loved ones and be subject to the default rules. Through estate planning, you can guide the way in which your assets will eventually pass. Our attorneys understand all the complexities of estate planning and help you have a better understanding of estate planning concepts so you can start to take control of your estate plan and ensure your wishes are honored. Our firm is proud to have crafted estate plans that have been meaningful for multiple generations of families in Rochester and throughout Southeastern Minnesota.
Farm Succession

Farm Succession

Farm Succession For farmers in Southeastern Minnesota, the family farm is more than just the land and business – it is a way of life. Planning for the next generation is often a top priority for farmers. There are a number of strategies farmers can use to pass the farm down to the next generation including family limited partnerships and other limited liability entities, trusts, and lifetime gifting. Our attorneys are experienced in farm entities, trusts, and other methods for creating the right succession plan for you. We also work with retiring farms without successors to create a plan to allow them to exit farming with dignity while minimizing the tax impact.
Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance Medical Assistance is Minnesota’s public health care program that provides necessary medical services for the elderly and disabled. Medical Assistance provides payment for nursing home and other long-term care services when you are unable to do so yourself. In order to be eligible for Medical Assistance you must be a Minnesota resident and a United States Citizen or have the proper immigration status. You must also be 65 or older, blind or disabled, and meet certain income and asset requirements. Medical Assistance rules are extremely complex and change often. Understanding your options and planning for long-term care can help you protect your assets. Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or need help completing the Medical Assistance application and facilitating a spenddown, our attorneys are here to help.
International Estate Plan…

International Estate Planning

International Estate Plan… International estate planning is an important and increasing part of our practice being in Rochester. Attorney Jennifer Gumbel brings a special focus to the firm with this niche area of the law. Learn more in this video.
Will the Biden Tax Plan i…

Will the Biden Tax Plan impact your estate plan?

Will the Biden Tax Plan i… Listen to Attorney Jen Gumbel of Wagner Oehler, Ltd. discuss the Biden Tax Plan and how it may impact your estate plan. To meet with Attorney Jen Gumbel or another attorney at Wagner Oehler, Ltd., give us a call at (507) 288-5567!
Explaining Your Estate Pl…

Explaining Your Estate Plan

Explaining Your Estate Pl… Attorney Jennifer A. Gumbel of Wagner Oehler, Ltd. explains what to do with the estate plan materials we’ve prepared for you and when is a good time to have your estate plan reviewed!
Transferring Assets after…

Transferring Assets after Death

Transferring Assets after… Attorney Jennifer A. Gumbel explains how we help transfer assets after someone has passed away. Providing as much information as possible early on in the process helps our attorneys with the legal process.
After You Signed Your Est…

After You Signed Your Estate Plan Documents

After You Signed Your Est… Attorney Jennifer A. Gumbel explains what to do with your estate plan documents after you signed them at our office and when to come in to have your estate plan updated.
Minnesota Estate Tax Q&am…

Minnesota Estate Tax Q&A with Attorney Judith Wilson

Minnesota Estate Tax Q&am… Attorney Judith Wilson discusses Minnesota estate taxes. An estate tax may be applied to Minnesota assets owned by someone who passed away. Proper estate planning can review tax exemptions to minimize the amount of taxes due after death.
Limited Liability Compani…

Limited Liability Companies Q&A with Attorney Adam Hudoba

Limited Liability Compani… Attorney Adam Hudoba with the law firm Wagner Oehler, Ltd. discusses the benefits of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). LLCs are structured so the owners are members, and members have a lot of flexibility and options on how to manage the business. Attorney Hudoba also explains LLCs can provide protection from liability.
Business Formation with A…

Business Formation with Attorney Alyssa K. Jerde

Business Formation with A… Attorney Alyssa K. Jerde of Wagner Oehler, Ltd. explains the benefits of forming a business.