We Can’t Do Everything (but we can help!)

“A jack of all trades, but master of none” (attrib. Benjamin Franklin)

The attorneys and staff at Ward & Oehler, Ltd. handle many different legal matters, from simple wills to complex business transactions. Our clients sometimes come to us with a legal problem in areas where we do not regularly practice. In an age of specialization, though, we have found it best to refer our clients to skilled, experienced legal counsel in these situations. Our clients appreciate having us, their trusted advisers, as part of the process.

Injury or Death

If you or your family and friends suffer from a serious injury or wrongful death, we can be your first contact for referral to an experienced personal injury attorney to obtain compensation for your loss. We will work as a guide to competent counsel and a liaison to make sure your concerns are heard and acted upon.

Divorce, Crimes

We hope you will never need a divorce or criminal defense attorney, but if misfortune strikes, call us for the names of trusted legal counsel to help you work through your crisis.

Of course, if we can help you, we will do the work ourselves. But, if your needs extend beyond our expertise, we will send you to the right lawyer for you. We are committed to providing you excellent and experienced legal counsel first and foremost.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (507) 288-5567 or send us an email.

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